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STD (Sexual transmitted disease)

STD is a sexually transmitted disease; an infection that is transmitted through oral, vaginal or anal sex, intravenous drug use or through nonsexual contact such as childbirth or breastfeeding. STDs are common and it is possible to be infected without being aware because many STDs do not display obvious signs or symptoms. STD testing once or twice every year is recommended.


  • Store at 2 ~30 ℃
  • Specimen : serum, plasma, whole blood
  • Testing time : 15~20min
  • Shelf life : 24 months after its manufacture date
Name Specimen Type Remarks
Syphilis S/P/WB Assembled / Sheet Treponema pallidum Ab test
Syphilis (dipstick type)
Chlamydia Swab Assembled / Sheet Chlamydia Ag test
HIV/Syphilis Combo S/P/WB Assembled / Sheet HIV and syphilis combo test


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