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B. canis Ab

Canine brucellosis, caused by Brucella canis (B. canis), is an important cause of reproductive failure, particularly in kennels. This organism causes abortions, stillbirths, epididymitis, orchitis and sperm abnormalities in dogs. Although dogs that have been spayed or neutered do not have reproductive signs, they occasionally develop other conditions such as ocular disease and discospondylitis.


Material Provided
  1. GenBody test device individually foil-pouched with a desiccant
  2. Assay solution in tube
  3. Disposable 10㎕ capillary tube
  4. Instruction manual for use
GenBody B. canis Ab
Specimen Serum, plasma, and whole blood
Diagnostic target B. canis antibodies
Sensitivity 98.0% (vs. IFA)
ASpecificity 99.9% (vs. IFA)
Packing Unit 1 Test device X 10/kit
Shelf life 24 M


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