About GenBody

Bring Technology to Your life

Mission & Core Values


Our Mission statement is "Bring Technology to Your life"
We continuously develop innovative diagnostics and pharmaceutical technologies for improving your quality of life.

Core Values

  • Innovation for New Technology

    GenBody is challenging new technology development with innovative efforts to realize all possibilities. We are constantly researching and developing products that are more effective, with free and creative thinking, and a fast and flexible organizational culture to accommodate them.

  • Think Human First

    Innovative products from GenBody start with a struggle to make people's lives healthier and more enriching. People in many countries are concerned about what products they need most and are committed to product development that will benefit their lives.

  • Responsibility to Society

    GenBody has a social responsibility to make high quality products that enable people and animals to live a healthy life through early diagnosis. We will continue to devote ourselves through continuous efforts to give stable returns to investors.

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